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Explore Your Interests with a Flexible Degree Path

Adelphi University’s online liberal arts program is designed to give adult learners the opportunity to continue their education in topics that interest them. The various online concentrations offer students the opportunity to study unique fields: social science, psychology, business and emergency management. Each concentration is made up of rich courses taught by passionate, experienced faculty.

This online program is built for flexibility and allows students to transfer in previous work experience and up to 90 credits to graduate in as few as two years. With four unique online concentrations available, students can take courses in subjects like social science, psychology, business and emergency management to build the necessary skills for their future passions and careers.

Online programs at Adelphi University are built for flexibility, helping you fit your studies into your busy life. Our programs offer hands-on learning and access to world-class faculty who are dedicated to your success. You’ll learn knowledge, skills, experience and earn a degree that will change your life and open new doors.

Personalize Your Study at Adelphi

Choose two of four unique concentrations that align with both your personal interests and your career goals. Each field of study provides in-depth knowledge that will prepare you for whatever your future path is.

5 Courses

Prepare yourself for pursuing an advanced degree or career in business with foundational knowledge.

Areas of emphasis: Precalculus, the price system and principles of accounting

5 Courses

Learn state-of-the-art knowledge and best practice in all-hazards emergency preparedness and management.

Areas of emphasis: Emergency services, legal aspects and disaster preparedness

5 Courses

Articulate concepts, theories and perspectives in psychology through written, verbal and other relevant forms.

Areas of emphasis: Behavior psychology, developmental psychology and counseling

5 Courses

Demonstrate understanding of major concepts, theories and findings in the social sciences.

Areas of emphasis: Society and the individual, psychology and the national economy

The Attention You Deserve

Founded in 1896, Adelphi University is a nationally ranked, respected and well-connected research university. We pride ourselves on our ability to create distinctive environments of intellectual rigor and creativity. At Adelphi, you’ll always have the guidance and support you need to define your success in the classroom, in your career and beyond.

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Online Study at Adelphi University

Adelphi’s online programs are built for flexibility, providing you with a quality education that fits into your busy schedule. Our expert faculty are always here to answer your questions and guide you through your program. We offer many opportunities for students to connect directly with professors and work alongside them for research, mentoring and networking.

Build the Degree You Need

A strong foundation in liberal arts is essential for a wide variety of careers, and our online bachelor’s program at Adelphi will build that foundation. With four concentrations to choose from, each with expert-taught courses, you’ll be able to personalize your degree to fit your needs and prepare for the future you deserve.

Your Future, Your Way

A degree in liberal arts is one of the most versatile there is, providing key knowledge for many fields of work. With a degree from Adelphi, you’ll be ready to take on a number of exciting professions, including:

  1. Counselor
  2. Community Service Manager
  3. Business Owner
  4. Teacher Assistant
  5. Emergency Services Worker

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*Terms and Conditions apply. All Scholarship and tuition discounts are applicable to students starting courses in the fall 2022 term. Tuition discounts for the online BA in Liberal Studies and online BS in Business programs are $225-300 off per course. Contact the enrollment team to learn more.


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